34 West from Estes Park through RMNP to US40

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34 West from Estes Park through RMNP to US40

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:54 pm

34 West from Estes Park through RMNP to US40

This is a 63 mile section of road, that takes you through the "Rocky Mountain National Park". It cost $20 per person. I have an annual pass and my brother in-law pulled up to my right and the ranger never asked him for ID, or money, or if he had a pass. I just showed mine and we went through.

The speed limit in the park is like most National Parks pretty slow so thus that 63 miles could take you many many hours to ride/drive. Although not being one to follow speed limits to a "T" I think it took us an hour or maybe slightly more to get through the park. Sorry for the lack of photos as the weather was getting nasty and we did not plan to go on such a long ride so we only stopped for the restrooms and I got a few shots of Elk.

This road is very twisty, and lacks any real guardrails on most of it. Also there are signs that warn you on how the weather can change without notice. Probably best to be prepared when you head through here. This would be well worth the $20 if I had to pay it.


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