67 North out of Woodland Park, CO

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67 North out of Woodland Park, CO

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67 North out of Woodland Park, CO

This road will roll up and down as you travel some of the scenic back country of CO for 48 miles. The road is smooth, but in the fall and spring can have sand still on in from the winter months. This road works well because you can get to it from Denver at 85 and Sedalia, CO. Note that there is a 4-7 mile section that is dirt, but the road is wide, and the dirt is smooth. Once you get down to the river you can go right or left. Right will just take you to more dirt, the real fun is to the left on 67 which will take you to Deckers, CO and then south to Woodland Park, CO. There is gas in Sedalia, and in Woodland Park. Motorcyclist in the summer months love to hang out at the general store in Deckers, CO. So stop and hang out and meet new friends. Cops do patrol this area, and there are a ton of motorcycle wrecks every year on these roads. Watch out for decreasing radius's and RV's over the center line.

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