CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass)

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CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass) Empty CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass)

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Where is It:
This road can be accessed from 9 just south of Alma, CO; 4.5 miles north of Fairplay, CO / US285.
It is located .1 miles just before the switch back to go up the rougher section of CR12 (Mosquito Pass).

Length of Road:
.7 Miles

How Challenging:
I would rank this a 6
Large rocks, ledges, narrow, and Water crossing with a steep angle and awkward layout.

My Take:
You get a great view. There is also a split off that looks to go higher up, maybe to another mine! However this section is listed as a County Road. This also prepares you for what Mosquito Pass will be somewhat like, and is much shorter, and less of a worry about going off a cliff.

CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass) Map_005

Old Building at the top of this road, with an old stove:
CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass) DSCF5534

View looking East towards CR12, you can see the split to the left in the picture.
CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass) DSCF5536

CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass) DSCF5537

CR783 (Near Mosquito Pass) DSCF5538

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