La Salle Pass Rd, CR46 and Many More

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La Salle Pass Rd, CR46 and Many More

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:37 pm

Where is It:
This review includes roads and ATV trails such as: La Salle Pass Rd, CR-46, and many numerous roads east of Hartsel, CO.

How Challenging:
This is a 1, to a 10. There are so many roads, jeep trails, and ATV trails that it can be whatever difficulty you want it to be. For the most part this is pretty easy terrain.

My Take:
Wide open trails, with very good sight up ahead make for some fast riding. If you need a speed fix off road this will give it to you.

If you trailer you can park right at US24 and CR-31:

GPS Coordinates of Old Homestead on FR-44 (La Salle Pass Rd):
39.086249, -105.525500‎
+39° 5' 10.50", -105° 31' 31.80"
Google Map Link

Pictures of old Homestead:

Partially collapsed:

Man are these walls thick!:

Showing the road coming and going:

Another building next door:


GPS Coordinates of another Homestead on (Park Rd):
39.083805, -105.662475‎
+39° 5' 1.70", -105° 39' 44.91"
[url=,-105.662475&num=1&t=p&sll=39.086229,-105.525876&sspn=0.002311,0.005493&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=39.083897,-105.66262&spn=0.018488,0.043945&z=15&lci=com.panoramio.all,,org.wikipedia.en,">Google Map Link[/url]

Sorry I did not get the outside shot, but this is another earth dwelling that is not collapsed:

Looks to be used as a barn now, was very cool on the inside:

Again massive wall with a door:

Great view on most of the roads:

A maze of Roads:

Lead to roads like this called Mesa Ave, I have no idea who or why all these roads were put in near Hartsel, CO. They are actual roads with road signs and all, few have any one living on them.

Another view of Mesa Ave:

An intersection!!

Clear Creek Rd???, Where???

Overgrown and not used:

It leads you to this Office Space revenge, poor computer never stood a chance:

Where do we go? Oh wait you can just make out the road bed, raised grade...LOL

Looking back:

Tarryall Resorvoir, you can take CR31 or a more direct route is 77:

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