165 to Bishop's Castle to I25

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165 to Bishop's Castle to I25

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Map of: 165 to Bishop's Castle & I25 (South of Canon City)

You get to do two fun things on this road. First is the road itself, as it will wind and twist all the way up through the switch backs to a roadside attraction called "Bishop's Castle". The Castle is free to see, all Mr. Bishop ask is for donations. I highly recommend you to advoid talking to Mr. Bishop as his views on the world are strange and you don't want to get shot. The road is above 9,000 feet, so they can still have snow, thus sand & ice still on the roads, and the temperature can be quit a bit cooler. But once you reach Bishop's Castle which is at the top you can make your way back down to I25 at Colorado City, CO which warms up a lot faster as you make your way back down to the plains. 165 from 96 to I25 is a 36 Mile joy on a ride.

Bishop's Castle:

Photo's of 165:


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