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Where is It:
This road can be accessed from Rampart Range Road, 2.4 miles south of Mount Herman Rd, just before the split to Woodland Park, CO. I also see there is another FR312 a little further south on Rampart Range Rd. I believe that area to the east is all access controlled as that area is is the Recreation site for the Air Force Academy.

Other names it goes by:
Carrol Lakes Rd (depends on map used)

Length of Road:
1.2 Miles

How Challenging:

My Take:
This is a smooth road, nice and wide. You will get to a point and see various off shoots that all say dead end. I checked out a few and they all end at very well constructed fences. Which is why I think these lead to the Air Force Academy Rec Area. Nothing special about FR312/Carrol Lake Rd.

Looking at FR312 from Rampart Range Rd:


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