The Vast Unexplored Frozen Tundra of S. Colorado

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The Vast Unexplored Frozen Tundra of S. Colorado

Post  Alamosa on Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:47 am

New here, Followed the link from ADV, seems like a good idea ...

BUT!!! ...

Southern Colorado, specifically the San Juans, seems to be overlooked by a lot of folks. I moved here from Houston 3 years ago and due to circumstances have really gotten to ride only this year. I'm based in Alamosa and I've spent 15-20 days this season and I never see the same thing twice. I expect I'll spend several years exploring the Lower San Juans and never get over 100 miles from home.

Yall come see! Not crowded at all. Some times I go for hours and never see a soul.

Holler if you get this way and if my schedule allows I'll be more than happy to take you up in the mountains. Or at least point you in the right direction.

But you'd better hurry, I found this Thursday:


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Re: The Vast Unexplored Frozen Tundra of S. Colorado

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:46 am

Welcome and thank you for the information. Yeah, I'll have to get down that way sometime.

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