Hackett Gulch

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Hackett Gulch

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:49 pm

Where is It:
Located south of Westcreek, and just south of Long Water Gulch along Cedar Mountain Rd.

How Challenging:
**Sign says MOST DIFFICULT**
It is...

My Take:
i would rate it a 3 to the rock you have to climb. Although I did not find the rock challenging, I probably say it is a 4. The 5 rating comes into play near the end where you go down a very steep and long path. however it is not a 5 doing down, its a 5 when you have to turn around and come back. The decomposing granite here is very deep, about a foot deep...so traction climbing up is next to none.

Please note this ends at the Teller County line with Park County. It looks like people been going around the cable...but it is technically not open yet. Predator 4x4 is trying to get it open all the way through like it used to be. I hiked down to the river...and I could see that being a very nice ride if you could continue through.


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