650 Long Hollow ATV Trail

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650 Long Hollow ATV Trail

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Where is It:
This is an ATV trail that can be accessed from the Rainbow Falls area along jeep trail 348. It can also be accessed further north off of ATV trail 677 (Noddle).

Google Map (Tracks I recorded)

GPX File:

How Challenging:
I would rank this from a 3 to a 4 depending on which way your heading. South to North this is a 3. North to South it would then be a 4.

5.5 miles

My Take:
This area can be busy on the weekend and holidays as most people from Denver come here. During the week is the best time to ride the trails out in this area with very very others out on them.

The decomposing gravel is deep, and there are very steep sections to this trail. There can be downed trees across portions of this trail making the trail impassible.

Starting point located off of FR348:

As I'm going down a very steep section I see this (I wish I had a reverse gear):

Looking back wondering how I will turn the bike around and if I do, am I capable of climbing up this:

I ended up leaning the bike way over, and pushing and pulling it under the downed tree...in hopes there were no others...LOL There were but not as bad as that, you could get around the others.

Then it was a pleasant thing seeing this creek crossing. There were 3 crossings total:

There were other harder sport to this trail but hard to stop and take pictures of such areas, but this shows in general what the trail looks like:

One of the points were you can split off onto another ATV trail called 349, there is a northern and a southern split but both head East from 650.

This is the section ending at ATV trail 677:

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