Buck Snort Saloon - Pine, CO

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Buck Snort Saloon - Pine, CO

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:59 pm

Buck Snort Saloon

15921 S Elk Creek Rd
Pine, CO 80470-8905
Phone: 303-838-0284

Time has not changed this place. As you head east out of Pine, CO on a small dirt road that runs along a canyon that flows pretty good you will be taken back to another time. When things were much simpler.

The road although being dirt is in great shape and is graded. The ride up to the "Buck Snort Saloon" is an easy one. The food is good, but expensive ($12.00 for a Quesodillia appetizer with taco meat), but then again not easy to go shopping for this place to get its supplies. The floors are crooked, the place is very old, they do the dollar bill theme on the walls and ceiling along with business cards. The service is slow, but as the sign says "If you want fast service, then go to Burger King". I also believe they only take cash.

The clientele is a mix of hikers, campers, cruiser riders, and in general families. This is not a biker bar, this is just a nice place to sit and relax and reflect back to simpler times.


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