Road Trip 2009 (Death Valley)

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Road Trip 2009 (Death Valley)

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Left Colorado Springs, CO July 8th at 2pm and returned July 14th, around 5pm.

Trip Mileage: 2,400

Gas Prices: $2.40/Gal to $3.79/Gal
Hotels (about because I do not remember what they were with tax):
???? - Blanding, UT
Abbey Inn - Cedar City, UT $100
Stovepipe Wells Death Valley, CA - $120
Valley Inn - Mesquite, NV $44
Travel Lodge - Farmington, NM $55

All the above Hotel/Motels worked out and were friendly and bike safe. Abbey Inn was the nicest of the bunch. Travel Lodge we had a bum in the morning beg us for money and entered our room while we were packing up the bikes.

We started the trip off with a 250 mile short ride to Hotchkiss, CO where we stayed at my buddy's friends house. Weather was great as we rode through Gunnison National Forest. There were a ton of deer which made speeds a little slower on road 92.

After some food, and sleep we headed out to 65 to Grand Junction, and then down 141 to Gateway, CO to a car museum located there. It cost $9 per adult to get in, I would say it was okay of a museum. Kind of odd someone would pick that area with not much around or nearby to build a car museum. After walking around and checking out the autos we headed south to 491 and then west into Utah. For the night we ended up in Blanding, UT. Yeah, it is pretty bland there.

From Blanding, UT we rode west on 95 to 24 and then south on 12 through the Dixie National Forest. Then we headed south west on 143 through Cedar Breaks National Monument over to Cedar City, UT. We stayed at a place called Abbey Inn which turned out to be a very nice place. The pool was relaxing and it was near places to eat.

After another good night sleep we headed off on 56 west to NV which turns into 319. Then it was south on 93, were we did a detour to Ash Springs, NV to make sure my buddy would have enough gas in his Suzuki TL1000R to make it to Tonopah, NV. We rode the ET Highway up to 6 and then to Tonopah with his fuel light on for 30 miles. Probably did not help doing 80-140mph...LOL From Tonopah we decided to keep going, and rode down 95 to 267 which is the northern entrance to Death Valley. We headed to the Motel there at Stovepipe Wells to make sure we got a room. We were about dead from the 120+ degree heat. I think at night it only cooled to 80 degrees. This was my 5th visit and stay at Stovepipe wells, first time I opted for the $120 deluxe room, it has a TV. Which was nice to kill some time with so I think it was worth the extra $$$. Food there was outrageous, I think it was $16.97 for the chicken stir fry...oh well you got to eat and they are the only game in town unless you want food from the gas station. The pool was very refreshing, not sure why German Tourist and in general European tourist love Death Valley...evey time I have been there the majority of people are German Tourist. At least it made for a good show at the pool, where the girls (although too young) got topless and were running around and they kept pulling on their bottoms...LOL, and a security guard that was female yelling at people for using the same shower (the sign was flipped down and not really good wording where the mens was located). Yes, we got yelled at too, we assumed it was co-ed as the door was left opened and you could see individual showers with curtains and everyone going in was in their suites so not a big deal really. I'm not even sure why a place like Death Valley has a security guard and the first time I have seen one there. Anyways after staying till the pool closed to people watch and have a laugh we went back to the room and went to bed.

We woke up and left by 5:30am I believe. We headed over to Zabriskie Point, then down to Badwater, and south to 127 through the southern entrance of Death Valley. We took 127 south to Baker, CA where once stopped for gas Erik got talking with a guy who mentioned "I hope you have some good tires" at which point I took a look and the cords were showing. Erik called his wife who looked online and found a place in Las Vegas, NV opened. So we called and he said he had a rear tire 'Full Bore' in stock and with instillation it be $180. So we head off to Las Vegas by way of I15. I got to say I highly recommend this place, the owner was friendly, even offered us some beers, we BS'ed while the tire was installed. Overall a very good place.

Sam's Cycle Supply
3900 N. Rancho Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89130

After the tire install Sam opened up the vending machine and gave us some COLD bottled water for free...I guess he knew we were pretty thirsty as he made fun of me for non-stop drinking COLD water out of his water machine. He recommended us stopping in Mesquite, NV as he said the rooms were a lot cheaper then staying in St. George, UT. So we took his advise and stopped in Mesquite at the Valley Inn. Nothing special but you can park in front of your room and they have pool. Plus it was only $22 for the each of us...not bad at all and it seemed pretty safe and secure around there. Although nothing close to walk to for diner so we had to ride a few miles down the road to get food. We ate at a Mexican restaurant called Lupes and it was okay but kind of pricey, plus they charged like $3 for sour cream without first mentioning that it was that much.

Next day we headed off, and at least by now it was not as hot and we still left early to make sure we did not ride in 104 degree heat again. We rode up I15 to St. George where we took 9 into Zion National Forest. It cost $12 and is pretty short ride through considering the price. I just renewed my Annual Park Pass. Also let it be known there is like a 1.8 mile tunnel that is two lanes but for whatever reason they only let one side at a time go through and only so many vehicles...if it would of been later in the day and hotter I would of been pissed off. When you are not moving it gets hot in your leather jacket...even if I do have vents. I do not think it was worth $12 to see, too many people and too small. We then headed east to 89 which goes through the Grand Staircase National Forest and to Lake Powell. From there we entered the Navajo Reservation and took 98 south to 160. Just past Kayenta there is road called 59 which on a paper map shows as paved, but on the Garmin it shows as dirt. It turned out it was paved and a nice ride. We took that too Many Farms, and then went north to Round Rock and took a left on 12, all the way to AZ and 134 which took us to 491 and back north to Shiprock, AZ. From Shiprock we took US64 into Farmington, NM. We got a room at the Travel Lodge as everything else was booked up as a Rodeo was coming to town. Travel Lodge had not jacked their prices yet so it was $55 a night. I only stay at places I can park outside the room, so it gets limited real quick.

From Farmington we headed east to 17 north out of Chama. It took us over to Antonio, CO where we stopped and saw Cano Castle. The guy said it was Jesus Castle and gave me a flier. From the way he talked and the flier he sounded like a hippie still stuck in the 60's. From there we headed north on US285, then 17 North out of Alamosa, CO, back to US285 to US50. US50 east to 9 north to Guffey, CO. Some back roads which again on a Garmin show as dirt, they been paved for probably 30 years, and we took US24 from Florissant, CO back into Colorado Springs.

Day 1 Colorado Springs to Hotchkiss, CO:

Day 2 Hotchkiss, CO to Blanding UT:

Day 3 Blanding, UT to Cedar City, UT:

Day 4 Cedar City, UT to Stovepipe Wells (Death Valley):

Day 4 Stovepipe Wells to Mesquite, NV:

Day 5 Mesquite, NV to Farmington, NM:

Day 6 Farmington, NM to Colorado Springs, CO:

Hotchkiss, CO - Ready for another day of riding some great mountain roads.

Great views:

A Bike at the Car Museum, too bad it was an OCC creation:

From the parking lot of the car museum:

More great views and roads:

Made it to NV state line on 56:

NV I believe ET Highway:

Death Valley northern entrance:

Stovepipe Wells Motel:

Is that about 120 in the shade!!!

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley:

Badwater lowest point in the US.

Zion National Forest:

Navajo Reservation:

Back to Green CO, and higher altitudes and cooler weather:

Cano Castle in Antonio, CO:

This is what you get without an HOA or building enforcement:

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