City Water Department Road (376.A)

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City Water Department Road (376.A)

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:00 pm

Where is It:
Off of FR376, North of Gold Camp Rd

Also known by:

GPS Coordinates Start off of FR376:
38.772053, -105.017248‎
+38° 46' 19.39", -105° 1' 2.09"

Length of Road: 2.6 miles

How Challenging:
This is a 7

My Take:
You first have to cross a large stream, and as the road goes up there is a section where you have to ride up large round rocks with water, and then do that again as you cross another stream. Placement of tires is everything on this road. This can be real tiring, as the amount of large round rocks is abundant.

Near the end, the view is great *note that these pictures were done heading back out*:

The water riding section:

here is the water crossing at the beginning:

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