82 from Balltown, CO to Aspen, CO

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82 from Balltown, CO to Aspen, CO

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82 from Balltown, CO to Aspen, CO

This 42 mile section of road takes you up just past 12,000 feet. As you head up the road from the east the road is in pretty good shape. There can be a lot of traffic from motorhomes to other riders so the going can be slow. There are many areas to park and take in the dramatic views of the mountains and valleys. At the peak there is a huge parking lot, and plenty of out houses and people all lined up. You can take a short walk to an overlook and get some great photos. As you head west from the peak (downhill) the road gets rough, and there can be water crossing the road from one of the many small waterfalls. Also watch out for the rocks that can be in the middle of the road. This road is also popular with the bicycle crowd so watch out for them too. The road into Aspen is down to one lane with a flagger (6-20-2008) (I turned around as it would of been pointless for me to wait just to turn around in 2 miles at Aspen). Overall this is a pretty fun road to ride, so check it out.


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