County 611 out of Boone to Yoder, CO

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County 611 out of Boone to Yoder, CO

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:10 pm

County 611 out of Boone to Yoder, CO

GPX File:
611 Boone, CO to Yoder

This 45 mile section of road on my paper map looked mostly paved except what seemed to be a 5 mile section in the middle. Seeing as I did not want to take I25 back to the Springs area I decided to check this out. What simply seemed like it should of been 5 miles turned out to be about 20 miles of unpaved very soft dirt/rock mixture. The southern section of of Boone, CO is paved and is pretty nice, and a shame it is not paved all the way through to Yoder, CO. The northern section is also a nice lined road, although slightly more rough and tore up although it looked to have been patched not that long ago. I do heed warning to anyone thinking about going this route on a street bike. If you are on a Dual Sport or plated dirt bike this road is a gem. You are really out in the middle of no where. Good luck and be carefull, as help might not be coming any time soon on this section of road.


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