Mesa Verde National Park

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Mesa Verde National Park

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Mesa Verde National Park

It will cost you $10 to get into this park, but it is well worth it. The National Park passes are the best buy at $80 and get you into all the National Parks around the country. This route was about 30 miles long, and yet the whole thing was not open. This is a good days ride in itself. The Guided tours are $3.00 each and you will need to reserve your spot the day before most likely as it gets booked pretty quick. The tour of "The Palace" takes one hour and you will be hiking down and back up again. The roads offer many views, with pull offs. There is a lot of rental RV traffic, so expect a lot of idiots driving around up there. Also considering it is May, it was in the 70's so I could imagin this place getting pretty hot in the summer time so pack a lot of water. Roads are smooth so enjoy.


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