Gold Camp Rd

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Gold Camp Rd

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Where is It:
Off of Old Stage Rd, West of Colorado Springs (Broadmoor area)

GPX File:
Gold Camp Rd, and Old Stage Rd

GPS Coordinates Start off of Old Stage Rd:
38.737164, -104.911880‎
+38° 44' 13.79", -104° 54' 42.77"

GPS Coordinates End at 81 (Goes into Victor, CO):
38.747925, -105.135770‎
+38° 44' 52.53", -105° 8' 8.77"

Length of Road: 20.4 miles

How Challenging:
This is your typical wide road, rating of 1

My Take:
Just your typical graded road which used to be the railroad grade. This road leads to some good off road fun. It is also a scenic route in the Fall for people to look at all the aspens changing color so traffic can get crazy during certain months out of the year. Also my brother in-law was swerved at and yelled to "Stay away" by an Ford F150 (color Burgundy). I'm giving the heads up, just in case this guy makes it a habit. Also watch out as you get closer to Colorado Springs, and turning onto Old Stage Rd it looked like a ranger had a vehicle pulled over for speeding.

Also note that Gold Camp Rd no longer connects to Springs, you have to take Old Stage Rd. I believe a tunnel or a bridge has collapsed some time back and it was never repaired.

History on Gold Camp Rd
Tunnel number 9 (Video)


Old sign pointing to Colorado Springs to the left and Broadmoor to the right, note that 20 feet to the left Gold Camp Road ends at a collapsed tunnel which it looked like you can hike into:

Various pictures along Gold Camp Rd:

Pictures Taken on September 25th 2010:


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