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Where is It:
Off of Gold Camp Rd, to the north

GPS Coordinates Start off of Gold Camp Rd:
38.740628, -104.956083‎
+38° 44' 26.26", -104° 57' 21.90"

GPS Coordinates End at FR376:
38.771831, -105.017275‎
+38° 46' 18.59", -105° 1' 2.19"

How Challenging:
I would say depends on what direction your going. If you start off of Gold Camp Rd I say a 5, if you start off of FR376 I would give it a 7. This is a 10 if coming from Seven Lakes Rd (FR376).

My Take:
This is a fun road. The end at FR376 is very steep. There are some great views from this road.

Note the GPS and other software programs only show this road going part way up for 1.6 miles. I added the dotted line to show basically where the road will take you out to FR376 which is to the west.

You might cross water on this road:

Single track to the right and the road goes to the left of the sign "Captain Jacks Trail System". Captain Jacks in mostly in Teller County so please see the review under Teller County for more information and pictures.

Close-up of sign:

We were above the clouds that day, otherwise I believe you overlook Colorado Springs:

A shot of road conditions:

You want a real hard road do this starting from FR376 (Seven Lakes Rd) I give it a 10, the first steep climb will test you, I know it did me. This direction was done on September 25th 2010.

Here is the first climb:

It was so steep I lost traction and came to a stop, trying to go again was very hard to do:

Another steep area:

Fun in the rocks:

This split to the left is 379.A which dead ends at the Stratton reservoir, 379 continues to the right:

Here is the split for FR379 to the left or FR370C to the right. 370C will test you, but if you want to try it this be the direction to go here, you will encounter rocks, and more rocks, and you will test your skid plate, and you might have to wait while jeeps winch there way up over boulders. Please see the review on 370C.


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