Mt Herman Rd.

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Mt Herman Rd.

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Mt. Herman Rd West of Monument, CO (DIRT)

Where is It:
West of Monument, CO
Exit I25 at exit 161. Head west on 2nd Street till it ends just past railroad tracks. Turn Left on Mitchell, head south on Mitchell for 1 mile, you will see Mt. Herman road on your right. Take that till it turns to dirt, then on up.

GPX File:
Mt Herman Rd

Video I took 2010:

Other names it goes by:
FR320 (depends on maps used)

Length of Road:
13 Miles

How Challenging:
Nooby - Watch for bicycles, cars, trucks, and the people that think it is a race track.

My Take:
This starts out as pavement out of Monument, then turns to smooth dirt, then to very rocky terrain. As of 2009 they have gone through and knocked down some of the higher rocks so now cars are going up there. They also dumped a ton of dirt to smooth out the bottom portion. There are some washout areas, and a few vehicles have gone off this year (2009). Some areas there is pea gravel and your tires will work to find traction and in others you have more then you need. There are some good views from this road of the town of Monument.

They put up new signs as of 08-06-2009, I wonder how long they will last! (Not long as of 4-10-2010 they are tore up, and missing)

Mt Herman Rd

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