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Post  Admin on Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:22 pm

Where is It:
This road can be accessed from Mount Herman Rd, or Rampart Range Rd.

GPX File:

Length of Road:
3.8 Miles

How Challenging:

My Take:
Watch out for cows. The section at Mount Herman is V-shaped, makes it fun but not overly challenging. Then it smooths out some. No many vehicles back here which is nice. The unmarked off shoots can be more challenging (intermediate to advanced). Closer to Rampart Range Rd it is smooth enough that people brings their RV's to camp.

Coming from Mount Herman Rd:

There is a make shift shooting range there, not sure how legal it is to shoot there.

FR315 North from Mount Herman Rd is closed, it would otherwise end up coming out on FR322.

Looking up at Mount Herman Rd, from the locked gate. Actually it was not locked but I'm not fond of getting tickets in National Forest.

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