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-- FR322 --

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Where is It:
This road can be accessed from Rampart Range Road, 1 mile north of Mount Herman Rd.

GPX File:

Other names it goes by:
Balance Rock Rd (depends on map used)

Length of Road:
7.3 Miles

How Challenging:
1 to a 6
6 due to the few spots near the end that you need to sidetrack on a very steep slope.

My Take:
Very easy road to ride, smooth for the most part although there are nice large humps you can jump :-) There are some off shoots on this road so exploring could take time. This ends at a gate, it is not locked but does warn you not to go on. I think it would dump you out near Palmer Lake.

A picture from Rampart Range Rd, looking at FR322:

An off shoot from FR322:

Past the Gate, hiking only (don't bother to ride even if the gate is down...the bottom gate has NO way around:


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