Rampart Range Rd

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Rampart Range Rd

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Where is It:
This road can be accessed from Colorado Springs, CO (Garden of the Gods) or Southwest of Denver off of 67. One can also cut over from Woodland Park, CO and cut through on Hotel Gulch Rd off of 67.

GPX File:
Rampart Range Rd

Other names it goes by:
NF-300, FR-300 (depends on map used)

Length of Road:
57 Miles

How Challenging:
Nooby - As easy as it gets, watch for traffic, cows, sight seers, and the odd truck in your lane not wanting to move over.

My Take:
Fun road, it sure beats taking I25 and US24 up to Woodland Park. This is the backbone of all the various forest roads. If your going to explorer the various other forest roads your going to learn Rampart Range Rd very well.

Northern End (Douglas County):

Southern End (El Paso County):

Whole Road:


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