Long Water Gulch

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Long Water Gulch

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:47 pm

Where is It:
This road can be accessed just Southwest of Westcreek, CO by way of Cedar Mountain Rd.

GPX File:
Long Water Gulch

Length of Road:
4.4 Miles (Note this road ends before the river, and you will not be warned till 100 feet before the gate)

How Challenging:
I would rank this a 5
This goes from dirt road, to rocky and steep downhill sections (uphill on the way back out), there is a spot where you have to cross a large rock to get down.

My Take:
It gets you off the beaten path, and away from others. Would be nicer if it was opened all the way to the river, but it looks like it has been closed for sometime. Too bad they do not warn you before you get pretty much to the gate...LOL I was looking forward to the river.

Looking back towards the way we came:

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