5825B - Sand Gulch

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5825B - Sand Gulch

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Where is It:
Located West of Shelf Rd

GPS Coordinates Start off of Shelf Rd (Use Google Satellite to see the Rd):
38.613869, -105.225549‎
+38° 36' 49.93", -105° 13' 31.98"

GPS Coordinates of as far as I think I had gone:
38.613643, -105.250107‎
+38° 36' 49.11", -105° 15' 0.39"

How Challenging:
This is a 6

My Take:
Scenic road with an interesting spot where I turned around. You can pass through a spot in a fence and go down a narrow walled canyon (the fence looks to be placed to keep vehicles out). There is no sign stating you can not ride down. I was pretty far off the beaten path with no clue where this went so I turned around. I'll post an update when I go back with someone.

As you can see head south, there will be a spot where you can round the bend to your right but you will see a gate straight. Right will dead end, go straight through the gate (day use only) and you will after some rough road come to the canyon:

The Start:

The canyon you can go through:

Road Conditions:

Scenic View:

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