The Banks 5820

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The Banks 5820

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Where is It:
Located West of Shelf Rd

GPS Coordinates Start off of Shelf Rd (Use Google Satellite to see the Rd):
38.614817, -105.224937
+38° 36' 53.34", -105° 13' 29.77"

GPS Coordinates of the end of the camp ground, road continues through a gate (Daylight use only):
38.629213, -105.227678‎
+38° 37' 45.17", -105° 13' 39.64"

GPS Coordinates of where I made it to (Trail 5825A):
38.637556, -105.245429‎
+38° 38' 15.20", -105° 14' 43.54"

How Challenging:
This is a 5

My Take:
Scenic route, with a slight challenge. using Google Satellite it looks like the road comes back out to Shelf Rd.


Start of Road:

View looking back along road:

Entering the Bank Campground:

This is what the road turns into past the campground:

This is as far as I was willing to go on my own, I got to Trail 5825A:

This is what laid ahead, it does not look bad in pictures...LOL:

Heading back a scenic view:

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