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Where is It:
4.1 miles South of Leadville, CO
Turn west onto 300, CR-11 will be the first road to your left (south) also called Half Moon Rd.

GPS Coordinates of where 300 and US24 is located:
39.221499, -106.348879‎
+39° 13' 17.40", -106° 20' 55.96"

GPS Coordinates of start of CR-11:
39.222446, -106.363664‎
+39° 13' 20.81", -106° 21' 49.19"

GPS Coordinates of end of CR-11 at Champion Mill:
39.137026, -106.504415‎
+39° 8' 13.29", -106° 30' 15.89"

Other names it goes by:
CR-11, Half Moon Rd

Length of road:
12 miles

How Challenging:
This is a 3, due to deep water crossings, but otherwise a graded road.

My Take:
I can only speak up until the second water crossing as the sun was going down and that second crossing was pretty deep. However do a google search of the Champion Mill and I think I will be going back there, as that looks like a very nice structure to checkout. Road is well maintained as there are various camp grounds along it, which looks like a nice area to camp. Note that there are large rocks in the water crossings so you might get your feet wet if you hit one.

Map of the road:

First water crossing:

Second Water crossing:

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