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Post  Admin on Tue Dec 24, 2013 2:18 pm

So I just picked up a Garmin Montana 650t from REI for $600.

Here I am Unboxing it:

Note it does not come with power mount, that was an extra $40 on Amazon. Also it doe snot come with a microSD card which was another $14 for a 16GB Class 10 card on Amazon. it also does not come with CityNavigator, not sure on the cost as I downloaded some maps...sorry if this is against your moral, I'm not dropping $100+ more on what should be standard. I mean come on if a $100 Nuvi can have lifetime maps surely Garmin can give you the street maps on a $600 device. Poor marketing and probably why you can find maps to download with ease.

This is probably a $850 device once you get all the extra stuff that should just come with it. Oh almost forgot, the RAM mount ball does not come with or with the power mount, that was another $8.00 on Amazon.

Okay now that I have it setup, its one nice device. It powers on quickly, it gets satellite signal inside my house with ease...even in the basement. There is so much customization with this device but yet its easy to navigate and understand the various screens and icons.

The feature I like best, Overlaying USFS MVUM's and loading them onto the device...amazing. So now I can have my single track trails and not have to guess. You use Google Earth software to do this, pretty simple actually.

The GPS fits really snug into the power mount, which is nice.

The unit also besides a rechargeable battery lets you use 3 - AA batteries which is a very smart design.

When compared to my Garmin Zumo 550, I got to say I like it a LOT. Expect a comparison soon. The reason why I bought this was because I fried my Zumo 550, I shorted it out which melted the ribbon cable housing on the circuit board. So it works off battery, but not off the motorcycle mount. [Sad!]

Your probably like why not get another Zumo. Yeah well I found something out about the new Zumo's. I use my GPS to track my routes and save them in GPX files. Guess what, the new Zumo's do not do tracks...hence why they don't say so in the specs...where as the Montana will do 10,000 tracks just like the old Zumo 450 and 550's. So for me a Zumo was ruled out.

I could of saved a bit and got a 62 model, but the screen are sooo small. However the top of the line 6X series cost $500-$600. Well for that much I want a touch screen as when your riding on hard trails its nice to be able to have a wide screen and be able to move the screen if need be with a finger swipe. Or zoom in and out as I ride.

So far I am happy, but I have yet to use the GPS on the motorcycle as I just got it two days ago.

Expect a few more reviews.

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