Fruita, CO after 5MoH

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Fruita, CO after 5MoH

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 24, 2013 2:14 pm

So pwrtrippin and I in Fruita on Saturday.

Trail map at Stay the Trail

GPX File of our loop of the day (right click and select save-as):

Some Adobe riding...

Somehow we ended up on Rd 21, and our GPS showed it dead ending and as it was a nice graded road why would it be there so we figured maybe a mine. I had no clue it would later turn into rive bed riding and some technical spots to it.

Then the 4x4 only road turns back to a graded dirt road. Turns out there are gas wells up there and pipe run along all the roadways. Very nice views.

Probably as high as Top of the World, just an awesome view up here.

As a warning I marked the GPX file to the best I could remember. Because once you come down to these views there is NO WAY out. Well one way, single track (Edge Loop) right down and its VERY steep. Coming up would be a fun challenge. So bigger bikes to get to these views scoop out the road as not only steep its washed out real good.

Then once you get down the single track and almost to the bottom you see this

We scoop it out and it sure looks like the trail goes next to this crack, man that fall would hurt.

So we make it around that crack, and its some gnar with ledge very step and I just walk it. Brian tries and drops his bike but we are good to go. You just take the wash right on out and we zig-zag our way back to the trailer.

Man those Mountains were so far away from where we parked.

I will be going back lots of trails and roads to explore I think next time I'll take the XR650R and with the desert tank be good to go for a day. I'm not sure there is enough to satisfy people for more then 2 days but its good riding. Maybe a good place to stop on the way to Moab or back.

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