FR300d & FR300e

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FR300d & FR300e

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:24 pm

Where is It:
This is located just south of FR327.

Google Map:
Tracks I recorded

GPX File:
FR300d & FR300e

How Challenging:
I would rank this a 2

My Take:
The Official Forest service map shows 300d & 300e as connecting. It is interesting the official map shows that but it has not connected for a long time. I guess feel free to connect them if you want, but it is grown up with small pines and is pretty thick back there to make your own path. I followed what I could and the roads as marked on my Garmin GPS. Some spots on 300e are now single track but you can tell at one time it did go to an end and loop.

So the Official sign marking 300d is correct in that it is NOW a dead end, but the official map shows it looping...maybe someone should clear a path as per the 2010 Forest Service map!!! Also sad to see people have dumped beds and other trash to burn at the spot I turned around on (on 300d).

This is just a fun route if you like finding older trails no one uses anymore.

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