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Where is It:
This is located North of Mt Herman Rd, and just south of Hotel Gulch Rd. The first part of this is a graded road. Each map seems to show this road slightly different. Google says it loops around, and other maps show it going East and ending like I mapped out. Once you leave the loop the route gets slightly rougher, but not so much a big bike can not get back there. Where I turned around it got really washed out looking going down a hill. This road looks to continue on for a bit where I turned around.

The Delorme Atlas shows it to have connected to FR322 at some point. how long ago that was, who knows. If you should try and continue on to see if you can connect it to FR322 you will come out at the upper Palmer reservoir...there is a gate there on FR322, but you could get a bike around it and typically 4x4's rip it down....hmmm maybe this is why, maybe this does go through!!!

Google Map:
Tracks I recorded

GPX File:

FR323 Heading out from the end

How Challenging:
I would rank this from a 1 to possibly higher if you continue on past where I went.

My Take:
Scenic views, and a easy fun ride.

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